stretching into fall

October 5, 2013


It was quite a busy summer up here in the Treehouse. Our baby bird flew off to high school. To be honest, this chick hasn’t quite come to terms with it all, yet here it is October.

I’ve struggled to make sense of these joyful years of motherhood breezing past far too quickly. Working on the fly like I did nearly all of summer between coffee houses and car lines – scrambling to meet deadlines while trying to live in the moment with my kid – obviously stopped being effective long ago. A snippy, shrill and not too fun “me” continues to inhabit this normally serene, creative little space.

It’s way past time for her to fly away, too. Something has to give…

Last night, I caught sight of my own words advocating self-care, fitness and focus in my latest article for Muses & Visionaries magazine “Safe Stretching: What’s the Most Effective Way to Improve Flexibility?” and felt like a complete hypocrite.


But at the same time, my own healthful words inspired me with hope. Because if the same old bird who wrote that article earlier this summer, can write this desperate autumn confessional now, then something must be shifting, right?

Check back soon. I’ll keep you posted…


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