(mayday) may day!

May 1, 2013

My Day.


I just learned that it is a federal offense to send a false “Mayday” distress call three times in a row without cause.

(A little like calling for “Beetlejuice,” I suppose…).

Anyway, I’m not risking it. Not today.

I wanted to wake up this morning feeling like this:


But instead, I feel like this:


Proof positive once again that I was born into the wrong century as I am clearly the girl in the foreground with the “what the ____?”  look on her face wanting to slam a tetherball around that blasted pole.

And as I type these words the Positive Thinking app on my iPhone has chimed the same quote it has been stuck on for over a week now:

Happy thoughts attract happy people into your life.”



(Last two photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons – click photos for direct link)


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