contemplating our creativity

April 18, 2012

I believe each of us is a poet (or a photographer or a musician or a dancer or an author or a visual artist) or whatever uniquely creative being we were specifically designed to be. For some of us, identifying our gift takes most of our lifetime. Other individuals may tragically never discover their light because they are too afraid to look for it.

An excellent resource to help you begin the journey toward uncovering your creative talents is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

A friend was kind enough to introduce me to this book seven years ago. Since then, I have told many people about it and given away countless copies as gifts. Pictured here is my first well-worn copy along with my fourth filled-almost-to-the-brim volume of “The Morning Pages Journal.”

The program is set up as a 12 week self-study course. It is easy to read but can be difficult to carry out successfully without discipline and the commitment to spending about an hour a day on the exercises. For this reason, a relatively new on-line offering called Julia Cameron Live is available for support. Many additional titles have been added to the original series, too.

Have any of you read The Artist’s Way in the past or are you perhaps reading it right now? If so, please share your comments with me.


6 Responses to “contemplating our creativity”

  1. Angie Dortch Says:

    Ah, the Morning Pages!! Robin, this looks like an exciting project! When i make time to re-read past entries, morning pages are prophetic. Hope all is well with Dylan, is he 13 too?
    Angie Dortch

    • Hi Angie! Thanks for getting in touch. I have loved your website so much and your paintings are simply amazing. He is actually fourteen now. Can you even believe it? Miss you and all our St. Paul family so much. Love, Robin

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I have been a fan of Julia Cameron and her suggested Morning Pages for years…. but I don’t always manage to keep the practice going. When I do, my creativity blossoms and my writing flourishes.

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I did my Pages today thanks to your encouragement yesterday! It was about 11am, so I remembered what you said and decided not to feel one bit guilty. I owe you an email tonight. Talk to you later, OK?

  3. Kendall Says:

    I am going to have to look this up. I too believe we all have great creative abilities that just need to be “unlocked” and exercised.

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