breaking news: facebook releases brand-new format for business pages today!

February 29, 2012

If you like the Facebook “Timeline” format for your personal profile, you’ll LOVE the new look for Facebook Pages just being previewed today!

I just updated mine.

Go ahead. Take a look:

Want me to help you design one for your business, too?

Although you have until March 30th to make the change, why wait? Be one to the very first to upgrade today…

My favorite feature (so far) is the brand-new ability for interested clients to send me private messages right on my page. Nice!


2 Responses to “breaking news: facebook releases brand-new format for business pages today!”

  1. This is great news! I love your business Timeline page. It looks terrific. I tried to switch over mine, but the page only refreshed. What steps did you take to make the switch?

    • Hi Nicole!

      Thanks so much for subscribing to our blog and for your great question. First, choose the “preview” option and then begin to get creative with your changes/photos/posts. It’s so much fun!

      There is a nice – but lengthy – tutorial you can watch as well. Do be sure you have everything just how you want it, though, before you select “publish.” After you publish and go “live”, there is absolutely no way to return to the old Facebook Page format.

      Hope that helps!

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